Cotton Bags with long handles and souffle


Cotton Bag With Souffle 38x42x10cm


This basic bag with long handles is extremely handy to carry your
stuff around. Simply sling the bag over your shoulder and off you


HS-code 4202229090
Country of origin China
Number of products in a box 100
Product size (height) 10 centimeter
Box weight 18.5 kilogram
Item weight 50 gram
Box size (width) 44 centimeter
Box size (height) 36 centimeter
Box size (length) 49 centimeter
Product size (width) 42 centimeter
Product size (length) 38 centimeter
SKU 6275-40-A40
Material type 100% cotton
Brand Seano

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Cotton Bags with long handles and souffle Cotton Bags with long handles and souffle

Print Information

Position Printing method Dimension
Front side Silkscreen Cotton Bags 280x290 mm
On the back Silkscreen Cotton Bags 280x290 mm

Printing technique(s)


Often used printing technique. By placing a silkscreen frame on top of a product, you can use a squeegee to press the ink through the fine meshes of the window and thus transfer your print to your product. This technique is often used on objects such as beach balls, bags and ribbons that are used for straw hats.

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