Key Sporran black leather


Key Sporran black


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Locking mechanism zipper
HS-code 42023100
Country of origin China
Number of products in a box 500
Box weight 13 kilogram
Item weight 24 gram
Box size (width) 35 centimeter
Box size (height) 24 centimeter
Box size (length) 41 centimeter
Product size (width) 11 centimeter
Product size (length) 7 centimeter
SKU 1042-03-A03
Material type Leather

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Key Sporran black leather Key Sporran black leather

Print Information

Position Printing method Dimension
On the back Pad Printing 5*8 cm 80x40 mm
On the back Embossing Leather Wallets 80x40 mm
Front side Pad Printing 5*8 cm 80x40 mm
Front side Embossing Leather Wallets 80x40 mm

Printing technique(s)

Tampon printing

This method is used on items that are too small for screen printing. With a silicone cushion, the ink is printed from an etched printing plate onto the desired product. This technique is often used for car accessories.


To literally make an image stand out and create a vibrant 3D look, the design is printed with power and warmth on a thin material. We often use this process for leather items. The new key rings are ideal for this technique. Embossing provides every item with an elegant look.

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